Female Entrepreneurs and their Success Stories in 2020

Written by on August 31, 2020

For time immemorial, the business sector has been dominated by men. Women are now leveling the playing field as they are becoming CEOs (Chief Executive Officers) and successful business owners in their own right.
Nothing can stand in their way.

Female Entrepreneurs and their Success Stories in 2020

by Shaylene Karelse

In the spirit of Women’s Month, we have asked three inspiring Eldorado Park women — a beauty studio queen, a clothing line empress and a nail bar boss — to share their stories.

  • How has your journey been so far?


Donna Lee Wentzel: Donna’s Couture started really small, it was at the time when I was unsure about the career path I was going to follow so in the process I decided to sell clothing just to bring in some cash. With time, I went from selling three hoodies to mass production. This didn’t happen overnight. It took hard work, a lot of tears and disappointments – this was part of the process as well.

Donna-Lee Wentzel – Owner of Donna’s Couture

Natashadene Kruger: I started Glitter Nail Bar because I wanted to create freedom in my life and scale a beauty business beyond myself. For years, I had been selling small products such as handbags, perfumes, makeup and accessories which was great, but I knew that I would always be limited to only generating revenue while I was selling these items. I knew I was capable of something bigger and so I set out to launch Glitter Nail Bar. My mom suggested the idea and I seized onto the opportunity, and took a leap of faith. I wanted to be an entrepreneur so that I could constantly strive to build bigger and better things, experience personal and financial freedom and most importantly to empower other women, create jobs and build careers.


Stephanie Davis: For months, I had been planning to open up my beauty studio. I had to do research about what women loved and wanted in the beauty industry. I also had to find ways to be different. It took me a while to leave my permanent job and start my business full time. However, I needed to believe in myself and have faith that it will all work out for me. After all, my business has allowed me to meet so many beautiful ladies and get to know them on a personal level.


  • How has your business been coping amidst the Covid-19 pandemic?


Donna Lee: During this time of Covid-19, business is booming as usual. I’m coping quite well, as I made room for different seasons and unexpected events such as this.


Natashadene: We opened our nail bar in December 2019. The business was just a baby when the pandemic hit South Africa. It felt like I was at the dark end of the tunnel. I was devastated as we were almost at a point of no recovery and Glitter nearly shut down.  For three months plus, we were not able to generate any income and struggled with rental money, salaries or stock to purchase. I remembered I am an entrepreneur and constantly strived to look towards the light. I prayed, and by grace the lockdown was eased and we managed to reopen and take it one step at a time.

Natashadene Kruger – Co-owner of Glitter Nail Bar


Stephanie: My plan was to launch my business in April this year. Unfortunately, it was delayed by Covid-19 and I was unable to operate. It was tough but I managed to get through those tough times. In the meantime, I used the time I had to focus on decorating my studio and getting young ladies to join my business. I really wanted to employ ladies from Eldorado Park. The extra time that I had on my hands was really needed and God’s timing is always perfect.


  • What advice do you have for other young ladies that want to start their own business?


Donna Lee: My advice to future entrepreneurs is to go for it! If it’s on your mind when you wake and when you go to sleep at night, go for it! Don’t wait for investors or any individual to believe in you or support you. You should believe in yourself and push yourself to your greatest potential and the rest shall follow!


Natashadene: Challenge yourself and just start. There’s no doubt that running a business takes a lot of time but you never know the outcome of your efforts unless you do it. “Believe in yourself, whether you think you can, or think you can’t — you’re right.” Believe that you can succeed as there is no formula — just prayer and persistence.


Stephanie Davis – Owner of Beauty Blush Studio

Stephanie: My advice to young ladies is to not be afraid to fail, you have to move outside of your comfort zone. Remember to always get up and try, try, try until it works out. Never give up on your vision. Keep learning and increase your knowledge because things never stay the same. Therefore, you always have to be a step ahead. Lastly, block out negative people. You will meet so many people who will doubt you and do not understand your vision. Surround yourself with people that can uplift your vision and uplift you as an individual.

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