Getting That Job During This Pandemic

Written by on September 29, 2020

For the unemployed, landing their ideal job during the Covid-19 pandemic is even more difficult than before, but hopefully by improving they way you go about it, you can increase your chances.

Unemployment during Covid-19: Getting that job during this pandemic

by Shaylene Karelse

According to a Bloomberg survey, for the past two decades, South Africa had already been struggling with unemployment rates that have remained above 20%. Furthermore, Bloomberg states that South Africa is already dealing with a 29.1% unemployment rate due to a lack of confidence from business associates and heavy debt burdens. It goes on to state, “that the jobless rate could average at 34,2% and climb up to 35% in 2021”. This means that jobs are already scarce and it’s about to get even harder to find a job.

The novel coronavirus has had severe consequences on different aspects of life, especially on people’s livelihoods and the cost of living. With businesses shutting down, companies retrenching and livelihoods being lost, people are now trying to figure out what their next step is. Finding a job during the pandemic is not easy for young people because they might not have the experience needed to go into certain fields. Older individuals might also find it even harder to find a job due to age requirements that come with certain vacancies.

With the lockdown easing up perhaps it’s time for you to intensify your job search.

Here are some tricks and tips to help you with your job search during the Covid-19 pandemic:


  • Work on your curriculum vitae and cover letter

Recruiters receive many applications therefore it’s important to make sure that your CV stands out. Work on the design of your CV – remember to keep the design as simple as possible, and make sure it’s up to date. Edit your cover letter according to the different jobs that you apply for to show how you will contribute to that specific company and their advertised job description. Your CV tells the recruiter about your skills and abilities but your cover letter tells them how you are going to use your skills.


  • Invest in online networking

Online networking is all about making connections online. It includes making use of your social media platforms (LinkedIn, Facebook and even Twitter) to showcase your knowledge and your work. Online networking should be used to find people on your social media platforms that are in the same industry as yours.

You can reach out through email, text or call to ask for advice or recommendations or about any job openings, internships and learnership programmes. It gives you a foot in the door and the chance to directly interact with and ask recruiters further questions.


  • Expand your job search categories

The Covid-19 pandemic has affected job demands. You have to be more open-minded about the type of job you want. For example, you might want a permanent job but at the moment, companies are only offering contract or temporary based jobs. It might not be ideal but it will be a start. You might even have to consider alternative jobs or relocation if you are truly in a tough financial situation. You can always continue applying for your ideal job while working at your alternative job.


Master the art of online meetings and virtual interviews

  • Master virtual interviews

Over the last 5 months many companies have changed the way that they conduct interviews. For this reason it’s time for you to adapt to virtual interviews whether it’s through telephone or video. Telephonic interviews are not as stressful as it will be the first phase of the interview process. Following that would be video interviews, which are more intense because it’s similar to face-to-face interviews. You need to prepare, choose a well-lit environment, dress appropriately and make sure that the device that you are using is working perfectly.



Needless to say job hunting can be draining. However, stay optimistic, keep a positive mindset and be persistent. If you are sending out 100 applications a day, someone is bound to respond. Always keep in mind that the job you’re looking for could be one more application away.

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