Sassa Cards Will Not Stop Working in March 2021

Written by on February 6, 2021

The South African Social Security Agency (SASSA) advised social grant beneficiaries who are collecting their social grant with a Gold SASSA/SAPO cards, that these cards will continue to work beyond March 2021 until advised otherwise by SASSA through its official platforms.

In a statement issues on Friday 5 February Sassa advised beneficiaries to ignore incorrect information received from unofficial platforms or individuals with vested interest.

Only new SASSA applicants will be required to have a personal bank account when applying for a new social grant or other beneficiaries wishing to change to their bank accounts can do so by requesting and completing an Annexure C obtainable from SASSA offices.



Clients who have lost their cards can report to their nearest SAPO outlets to replace their lost SASSA/SAPO cards.

SASSA clients are reminded that they do not have to withdraw all their funds on the day that they are available – once in the account, including the SASSA/SAPO card account, the funds can be accessed anytime during the month and not only on the first day of payment. To avoid the spread of Covid-19 beneficiaries are encourage not to go to crowded areas to collect their money, but rather wait for later in the month to collect their grant.


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