About Us

Eldos FM is a community radio broadcaster situated in Eldorado Park. Eldos FM was founded with the objective to engage in dialogue with people in and of Eldorado Park and surrounding communities about the social, economic and cultural activities in the area.

Every year, Eldos FM commemorates 3 important days namely 1 May 2008, 4 September 2008 and 4 December 2009.

Eldos FM broadcasted for the very first time on 1 May 2008 with a special events license or temporary 30 day license and then again  from 4 September to 4 October on a temporary license that same year.

While the organisation was still finding its feet during these two special events license periods, the founders applied for a 5 year community radio class license and was granted in July 2009.

Eldos FM started to operate on the renewable 5 year license from 4 December 2009 and hasn’t looked back since.

The organisation has since gained listeners mainly in Eldos but also in other parts of southern and western Johannesburg and more or less 11000 international listeners via streaming audio.

Community radio stations are platforms for skills development and social cohesion as well as for self- identification and self –expression.

Eldos FM prides itself in providing information, news, education and music that caters to young and old with easy to enter competitions and prize give-aways every single week with the support and partnerships of local businesses.

You can look forward to robust discussions and interviews with government officials, the latest and the greatest classic oldies music and socially suitable fun with our wide range of show offerings.

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