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Do You Dream of Becoming a Star? Introducing our Eldos FM Sing For Your Dream Competition starting 1 September 2021 with Amazing Prizes up for grabs! To enter, carefully Read the Terms & Conditions, follow the instructions on the flyer below, go Like our EldosFM Facebook Page and Tune In to The Fast Lane on […]

The South African Social Security Agency (SASSA) advised social grant beneficiaries who are collecting their social grant with a Gold SASSA/SAPO cards, that these cards will continue to work beyond March 2021 until advised otherwise by SASSA through its official platforms. In a statement issues on Friday 5 February Sassa advised beneficiaries to ignore incorrect […]

Violence against women and children has rapidly increased over the years with no signs of slowing. Amid the Covid-19 pandemic, 2020 was no different with Police Minister Bheki Cele reporting that police received over 87 000 complaints related to gender-based violence during the first week of the South African national lockdown. The frustration of the […]

For the unemployed, landing their ideal job during the Covid-19 pandemic is even more difficult than before, but hopefully by improving they way you go about it, you can increase your chances. Unemployment during Covid-19: Getting that job during this pandemic by Shaylene Karelse According to a Bloomberg survey, for the past two decades, South […]

Historically, Vat ’n Sit, also known as cohabitation, was taboo, however, it is becoming more common for couples to live together before marriage. The Realities of Cohabitation by Shaylene Karelse   According to Legal Wise, cohabitation by definition occurs when unmarried couples live together in a long term relationship that resembles marriage. Due to this, […]

For time immemorial, the business sector has been dominated by men. Women are now leveling the playing field as they are becoming CEOs (Chief Executive Officers) and successful business owners in their own right. Nothing can stand in their way. Female Entrepreneurs and their Success Stories in 2020 by Shaylene Karelse In the spirit of […]

The Benefits of Digital Detoxing by Shaylene Karelse Technology has completely taken over our lives to the point where our phones or laptops are the first thing that we reach for when we wake up and the last thing that we touch before we fall asleep. If the thought of missing out on a notification […]

Remember when you could see your partner any time you wanted to? Remember how you used to go out on fun dates? Remember the endless hugs and kisses you would give them? Well that is not much of an option anymore. Love Under Lockdown: How has Covid-19 affected relationships? by Shaylene Karelse Covid-19 has affected […]

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