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Monday, 25 July 2016 12:08

Eldorado Park Family Crisis Centre

Written by Callyn Marks
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Eldorado Park is not just a poverty stricken community but is also riddled with social problems such as Substance abuse,woman and child abuse, prostitution amongst teenage girls and family violence.


Also a lack of resources to meet individual’s basic economic educational and health needs. When faced with all these overwhelming problems surely you cannot do it on your own and you don’t need to.There is help within our community that will not cost you’re a cent but, just your time and some effort. The Eldorado Park Family Crisis Centre & Khayalethu Care Centre are there to help any community member regardless of their background. These Centre’s aim is to care for the need of the community and improving their quality of life and to enable the poor and vulnerable to build a better future for themselves.


The Eldorado Park Family Crisis Centre, which is based at the Eldorado Park Police Station, deals with gender based violence with include women and men. Social worker Last Dnlani does all the supportive counseling for all who have been victimized and traumatized. “We deal with victims which have been affected by any form of crime and try to deal with the situation as soon as possible” said Last Dnlani. The social worker normally speaks to the victim once but if there’s any sign that continuous counselling is needed they are then referred to the Eldorado Park women’s Forum in Extension 3. If need be for any psychological help they will also be referred to the Eldorado Park Clinic in extension 8 where a psychologist is available to help the victims further.



As one of the founders of the two Centre’s, MS Gloria Stewart explains that The Khayalethu Care Centre based in Kliptown, specifically deals with the basic needs for the most vulnerable members of the community. This includes services to the under privileged children from different schools in the and around the Eldorado Park area. The center is an after school programme and deals with 300 children from the ages of 6 -17 years old from Monday to Friday.  These are the children which are infected and affected by HIV/AIDS and abuse. The Centre provides counseling, run workshops on abuse and rape victims, parental skill workshops as well as referrals for welfare. All the Children that are in the Centre have been referred to the Centre by some of the Schools in Eldorado Park.   Social Auxiliary worker Nomsa Mhlanga states that “after the kids have been referred the first step would be an assessment which is followed by a home visit which involves getting information of the child’s background, if there’s any problem we do conduct a counselling session.


The Centre works with clinics, social development as well as sassa. The Khayalethu Care Centre provides children with:

1.  Transport to pick the children up after school and bring them to the Centre.
2.  nutritional meals and access to health care
3.  encourages a culture of learning i.e. giving children support and assistance with their homework
4.  Involve children in workshops and group work which is aimed at enhancing their developmental needs.

As much as these Centre’s try their best with helping community members they need our help too. Donations is always highly appreciated things like stationery, food parcels, clothing, books, furniture and computers. There is always a need for something there’s never enough when it comes to the basic needs of children within our community.

For any contributions or site visits, kindly contact the Ms. Gloria Stewart who is one of the founders and the Director of the Centre on 011 342 4464 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..



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