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Wednesday, 07 September 2016 10:31

Coloured Excellence

Written by Cally Marks
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‘Excellence ‘, hardly ever used to describe a coloured individual in South Africa especially in today’s generation.

It’s actually sad how people can only be proud of the coloured nation and claim that we are South Africans when we have achieved something classified as great internationally.
We hardly ever associated with anything good in this country other than the norm which is abuse in either illegal substances or alcohol. The stigma formed against coloured people feels like it has been imprinted on our nation and that is not what we are. There is more to being coloured then what people perceive us as. We are so much more than what we are portrayed as in movies or any social media platform.



Are we perfect? No! There is no race in this world that is, each and every race has their ups and downs but why does it feel like being coloured is something that is frowned upon. Why is it that we are mainly associated with drugs, abuse, alcohol, gangsters, gold teeth and cavallas?  . To this day, colouredness remains a sadly much misunderstood and even badmouthed racial hinterland – one that deserves now to be properly elucidated and discussed, especially given the precarious place that coloured people occupy in today’s South Africa.

Well believe it or not we actually have coloured people who have achieved so much then what is expected from us. These people have broken boundaries, and made not only South Africa but the coloured nation proud namely, Wayde van Niekerk, Liesl Laurie, Tarryn Alberts, Dillon Olifant, Jason Goliath, Joey Rasdian, Marc Lottering, Donovan Goliath, Nicolas Goliath, and Soli Philander just to name a few.
The coloured nation needs to be acknowledged and not over –exaggerated in a comical light constantly being stereotyped against.

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