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Wednesday, 07 September 2016 10:49

Bradly Carelse (Mouse)

Written by Roshen Prantice
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Roshen Prantice recently caught up with Bradly Carelse (Mouse) from the movie Eldorado and this is what he had to say…

1. Was acting ever a part of your plan for yourself?
No it was not hey

2. Tell us about your experience filming Eldorado
I have learned that anything is achievable when you apply your heart and mind

3. Was this your first role as an actor?

4. Name a few of the challenges of being involved in making a movie
Getting into the character you playing as well as keeping the spectators out of the lens

5. With Eldorado becoming a cult classic how has it impacted your everyday life?
Well for starters the name Mouse stuck on me…lol. I meet fans everywhere I go

6. Do you have any prospects to continue acting?
I’m considering



7. What is the one thing you took from Eldorado that you still use today?
Coloured people are super talented

8. What was the highlight of making Eldorado?
Playing the lead role

9. Are there any similarities between you and the character you played?
Maybe, here and there

10. Do you think the movie is a true reflection of Eldos?
Many years ago yes, Eldos is completely different today

11. What would you do if you had a kitbag of money as Mouse did near the end of the movie?
Ek sal my uitgooi soos Mouse maar Ek sal ry met die gun in die hand vir just in case

12. What are you doing with yourself these days?
I’m a systems developer at the moment

13. Has the movie changed your perspective of Eldos in anyway?
Not really, Eldos is my home….that’s my perspective.

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