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Thursday, 22 September 2016 13:16

The Significance of Feeding Schemes

Written by Cally Marks
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Some people might think that feeding schemes is not as important and that having a meal in the morning or lunch during the day isn’t of importance.

We need to realise doing anything on an empty stomach is extremely challenging and affects the productivity of not only children but adults too.

Feeding Schemes are extremely imperative and they help with the development of many lives in our communities. Eldorado Parks primary schools do what they can to provide sufficient meals for all learners that are not well off. in an interview with the Principle of Park Dale Primary School Kelvin Marks speaking about the importance having to learn with any empty stomach and how it effects their ability to stay focused in class and be active in numerous sport activities.


Mr Marks stated : “Having feeding schemes in our schools is one form of ensuring that learners are well fed and they are able to concentrate in class, not worrying about where they can get something to eat”. He further stated that many of the parents in Eldorado Park are unemployed are able to send their children to school but, cannot always provide a meal for them to eat.

While younger children are not prideful, many of our young adults are and feel ashamed. Could this perhaps be the reason why schemes are not implemented in our high schools or work environments for those who cannot afford to buy lunch? It is not only our children in primary schools that need a meal but many others that we might not acknowledge.  Feeding Schemes should be made available in high schools as well as our working environments. Yes, we are living in tough times but surely there can be made provision in these circumstances.

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