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Tuesday, 28 February 2017 07:43


Written by Roshen Prantice
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So it’s 2017, a new year, new dreams, aspirations and goals but for many a whole new mind set…….or so they say.

So we all know that as 2016 was to a close many went around announcing their new year’s resolutions and how 2017 would be their year, and I’m sure they were pretty convincing when they did so. A few of the famous resolutions that  went around were things like “I’m going to get into shape, I’m going to eat healthier or even learn a new language”, now I don’t know about you but it’s a month into the new year and already I’ve seen people discarding their resolutions.

Now don’t get me wrong, I’m not judging anyone in fact I’m only calling it as I see it and truth be told people expect that these resolutions are magically supposed to transform them into a new being but that’s not going to happen. In my opinion these resolutions are giant leaps everyone wants to be taking then they should actually be starting with smaller achievable goals that in turn will help them achieve their bigger goals. When I did marketing our manager always said that you can never eat an elephant whole but you can always eat it piece by piece thereby eating the whole elephant. Now what I took from that statement was that it refers to the goals we set for ourselves, because when you think about eating an elephant we think of it as impossible or we just give up, but if we tackle it piece by piece we build up our self-esteem and we achieve more than what we expected.


So I’m not saying that you should give up on your resolutions but I’m simply saying that you can start small and build up your momentum towards achieving your bigger goal. If you said you going to eat healthier that doesn’t mean that you should stop eating take out altogether simply eat less take out, and if you want to get in shape don’t starve yourself or go on ridiculous diets and exercise yourself into a coma simply exchange your excessive unhealthy foods for a healthier option and try exercising once a week till it becomes a habit and then you can take it to twice a week and so you keep progressing.
So remember that New Year’s resolutions don’t possess any magical powers it’s simply all about breaking it down and achieving it bit by bit.

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