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 He is after all the product of a loving mother and very special grandmother. His late grandfather, oom Bennie Fisher as he is fondly known in Eersterust has also had a great impact on Malik’s current walk in life.

This laaitie from the “ Kassie” is born and bred in Eersterust, Pretoria, at age 5 he moved to Woodstock Capetown where his Mom worked as a nursing sister and at age 13 (1999) they moved to California where he lived and later on served in the US marines for 6 years. After his stay in the USA he returned home to make a difference and is still adamant in his cause. His American accent is genuine but he does speak a mean Capetownian Afrikaans with a mixture of Eersterust slang as well.

Malik believes in the brilliance of the human soul and therefor he has embarked on a NO DRUGS, NO ALCOHOL and NO TO ANYTHING THAT IMPACTS NEGATIVE ON HIS PURPOSE. His philosophy is a GREEN LIFE.

Part of his cause is skills transfer onto the younger generation by giving creative writing classes to primary school kids and to help record those with exceptional talent. Due to his disciplined background he maintains a good exercise regime (boxing, running and meditating) which also impacts positively on his creativity and that is why he can spend hours in studio creating new beats and writing relevant life changing lyrics.

 Malik does justice to hip hop & rap by writing songs as was intended when Hip Hip just started and therefore you will not hear him singing disrespectful, booty slapping and vulgarised songs.

Most of his music videos are shot in Eersterust where he makes use of local talent to tell the story of the South African mixed race group (Kullids). He believes that in the end there will only be mixed race people as long as there are interracial relations and that is the future of not only SA but that of the whole world and we should embrace and celebrate that fact.

Hip hop and Rap in SA is growing and will continue to do so as long as the craft is shared and new talent is reared and skilled and as long as relevant issues are addressed through this genre.


 For any bookings and interviews contact:

 PURGE MEDIA : 0712429795


Written By: By Fatima Abdool



Malik has over 225 unreleased songs as well as 9 unreleased music videos and is also an official member of the Southern California (SanDiego/Los Angeles)Team New Eruh. "I am We" is currently in negotiation with Def Jam Records to furnish a developmental deal for Malik Gita and other team members.

'Heita Awe' Malik Gita's hit single from the Kullidfornia Lp produced by Dj Vn debut on Hectic 99 for over 2million South African viewers. The video co directed by Red Tapes Blacklight enjoyed the same exposure. The song was also released on Hype Magazine's compilation with Dj Cosmos with the magazine...

"Back against the Wall" produced by Morafe's Towdee Mac made the top 5 with Africa's number one Dj, Dj Ready D. The music video Co directed and produced by African Dreamworx premiered on SABC 2 for over 2 million viewers.

"U make me lonely" produced by Dj VN features on the Now Dance compilation along side Snoop Dogg,  Akon, Eve, Flo Rida and Bruno Mars.



N.B.L.Entertainment is music production, artist development and film. A vision conceived in California materialized in the heart of South Africa's capital Pretoria. The purpose: increase human consciousness by elevating social awareness through realistic musical/cinematic depiction and community outreach.

Mission:  offer the South African market Universal Appeal and international credibility that deserves global recognition. NBL ENT aims to birth a nation of unified artist, performers and motivational speakers equipped to uplift the international arena.

Operation:  the Law of one:  One Love, One vision, One People, One word. Essentially the company is born of Diplomacy structure with the discipline of

U.S. Military training designed to produce quality. This outlet of creativity is rich with musical, film and entertainment experience drawn from the global well.

From California to New York to Jamaica to Manila even Egypt polished right here on the block in the heart of Eersterust. As CEO and leading artist these experiences have pre-pared Wade "Malik G" Fisher to lead such a charge with passion and conviction.











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