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Monday, 12 September 2016 21:50

Beverly Snaatjie Featured

Written by Callyn Marks
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Eldos FM reporter Callyn Marks recently caught up with Beverly Snaatjie, who started out at Eldos FM. She is now a news reader alongside Freek Robinson on kyknet, after first spending a year doing breakfast news on ETV.


1. A lot of your listeners have to be wondering where you are now. What have you been doing?
I’ve been waking up at the most ungodly hours adapting to the world of television!

2. Where did you start and how did you end up where you are currently?
Shoo, its been a very long journey…  I’ve always been interested in broadcasting and how things work in the media (TV,advertising,radio)industry. After completing matric I signed up with casting agencies and went to all kinds of auditions but never cut it.

I then did a diploma in media studies but back then getting into the “industry” was really tough I then heard of Radio Eldos in 2000  (which was under different management at the time) and got on board and volunteered at night and weekends. At the time I was employed full time but after a couple of years I got tired of the routine. (Thank you for calling, yes sir/ ma’m I just couldn’t.. it was just too predictable and mundane)

I took a leap of faith in 2009  and said good bye to the Corporate World and Joined Eldos fm under the management of Malcolm Buys and Lorreal Ferris. My life changed for the better! Working at Eldos Fm from 2009 – 2015 was the greatest experience ever. I learnt so much from presenting, producing, programming, as well as dealing with the organisations finances.

In 2015  an opportunity knocked and I didn’t hesitate.. I made a brave decision to move out  of radio to join tv. That’s when I started at etv’s Breakfast show as a Afrikaans news anchor.

How has life been after eldos FM?

Its been pretty awesome I must say. The only thing I hated was waking up in the morning to start work at 3:30 that was really insane! My routine was deurmekaar.. (Early nights Early mornings). I’ve gained so much knowledge working in a live television environment. I love working on a project and seeing the final product on the tele. That’s exhilarating!

3. What motivated the dedication towards eldos FM?
I love community and to see what difference you make in someone’s life by sharing vital information or just being an ear. The vision the station manager (Lorreal Ferris) shared with me motivated me even more to see the stations transformation and growth. I loved being able to grow with it too!

4. What challenges did you face as a female in this industry?
The media industry has evolved so much so that women has outnumbered men in this field.
The only challenge I think is your skin color.. now there’s some major challenges. You find that people can be very territorial and backwards not just in this industry but every other workplace. Mense het maar net die neiging om agteraf te wees.. Jy moet net hare op jou tande hê.

What project or career would you consider the most significant?
Really difficult to say.. what appeals to me might not be appealing to the next person.

5. Was this always a passion of yours?
Not quite.. I have many!

6. Growing up did your community have any influence on the career path you’ve chosen?
Oh yes.. I realized how boxed and somewhat stereotypical some people were still living. When I was employed at Eldosfm I was able to see peoples horizons being broadened just by sharing some information or sparking conversations made me realize how much power the industry has.

7. Is there anything else besides news reading that you would love to take on someday?
Print media and I would like to go into the hospitality industry soon!

8. What advice would you give any aspiring media personality especially from a local coloured community?
Never get too comfortable in your environment, do what you love and make it happen.

No matter your circumstances, skin colour, or hair texture.. Moenie worry wat mense sê of dink nie. Do what you must to gain the necessary skills wherever possible no matter how long it takes. Pray and Persevere.  

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