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Wednesday, 14 September 2016 23:52

The Event of the year on the Eldos calendar Featured

Written by Shaldon Ferris
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Every year for the past 10 years we’ve had EAJF, an Eldos initiative, something each and every Eldoradian can be proud of. Each EAJF event has brought something different, its own little uniqueness, a way of expression. An event that embraces the Eldos culture. The Eldos way of life, of celebration, of common unity. A place where we are able to celebrate the next person and their talent.

Each year there’s a different line-up, bringing legends to our backyard, people that we love to watch on television, people whose concerts we long to go to. This also gives the opportunity to share neighbourly love and to display the meaning of what community is all about.

The Eldos Arts and Jazz Festival is one of the events in Eldos that seeks to promote local talent from the community and also seeks to uplift the image that is being portrayed about our beloved community. It uses mostly local talent in the events like the Talent Mashup leading up to the Jazz as it is affectionately known.

EAJF lights up the spirit of the community. It gives the assurance that our community can be anything we want it to be. With hard work and dedication we can achieve beyond expectation.

So in the spirit of Heritage Month, the EAJF is reminiscent of a heritage that we as Eldos have forged for ourselves and the next generation. Something we have attached to what we perceive as our culture and ultimately one of the places where we can display who we are and what we can do.


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