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Monday, 07 November 2016 13:57

Talent in Our Hood Featured

Written by Callyn Marks
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Still at the verge of discovering himself Eldos FMs very own Everit Kesten one of many talents in the Eldorado Park community. Everit at the age of 12 started out as a singer in a church choir singing gospel amazed himself and many other of choir members, when he realised his singing abilities.


Much of an introvert himself through the motivation and encouragement of his late mother, he later on became the lead singer of the choir. Everit knew at this point that he had a passion for music and decided to chase his dream. Positive feedback from others allowed Everit to get more involved in other arts such as hip hop dancing and rapping.



Not having much support from his family other than his mother things got a little tough for him and doubted his talent. However his mother believed him in from the start and tried to show up to most of his performances that gave him the drive to keep going.


Everit discovered that his escape goat from all his troubles in life after the death of his mother was writing. Something about being able to express himself through a pen and a book gave him the courage to keep moving. This brought about peace in his heart and knew that it would take him away from doing anything that would hinder his life and future.


Everit mentioned how coming to Eldos FM changed his life for the better. His currently a news presenter but still continues to write and rap in hopes that one day he will get discovered. His dream of becoming a rapper is still one of his deepest desires and will never give up till he succeeds.


Growing up in the hood wasn’t an excuse for him to become his circumstances but rather to overcome them. There are many other talents in our ‘hood’ that merely need encouragement or recognition. There are much more beautiful aspects in Eldorado Park that people need to know about and we need to showcase that.


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