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Thursday, 15 November 2018 11:01

How to Survive the Heatwave Featured

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With temperatures expected to skyrocket to around 40 degrees, you may want to look into altering your exercise routine. December is around the corner and looking like a snack is number 1 priority, however, a heatwave has no sympathy for strenuous activity. You need fluids during this time and exercising drains the body of just that. Rather tackle the gym early in the morning or in the evening time when it’s cooler.


It’s true, we’re always on the go and sometimes that means leaving our kids and even pets in the car while dashing off to eliminate ‘grocery shopping’ on the to-do list. But, leaving your offspring or pets in the car during a heatwave will leave you with more than just shopping on your checklist as many tragic deaths of children have been attributed to vehicular heatstroke due to body temperature of children rising 3 to 5 times faster than that of an adult. Bear in mind, it takes just 10 minutes for temperatures inside a car to rise by 20 degrees.


This probably should be first on the list, but water, water and water! We’re just going to proceed and create the hashtag #Hydrated at this point, because we all know nothing holds us more accountable than using hashtags in this day and age. Drink lots of water during the heatwave, soak your feet in a bucket of cold water, wrap wet towels around yourself, or simply use a spray bottle with cold water to cool yourself throughout the day.


Now, to all the fashionistas, we promise this next tip won’t negatively impact your fabulous sense of style, but it is advisable to cut back on certain fabrics as you ride this heatwave. Your classic wool, denim or leather numbers are not worth overheating. Being conscious is the ultimate fashion statement!

Finally, picking the right side on where to chill in your house will have your dog abandoning his honde-hok, seeking cooler pastures with you. Simply hang out in cooler parts of your house and create a flow of cool air by opening the windows. Try avoiding rooms naturally exposed to sunlight most of the day.

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