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Sunday, 22 May 2016 14:00

How safe are our schools really?

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The infrastructure of these schools has been around for many years, can we really say that these buildings are still stable and safe?? We choose to believe that our kids are in a safe environment, away from the harsh realities of the cold world, but there’s no guarantee is there?


On the 20th of June 2016, a grade 2 teacher makes the grim discovery of a fallen ceiling in her classroom. It appears that the incident happened over the weekend, and fortunately no learners were present. If they had been in the classroom, can we just for a moment think of the consequences of this…? Let’s think… if one of these kids had to be present, we could have had multiple injuries and in the wake of a lack of service delivery, we would’ve had to wait hours to receive medical attention… Where does all this leave our beloved children?


We have this immaculate tendency to believe and hope for the best, yet expect the worse. But what we are doing to ensure that we heed the need for a safer environment?


Before the incident the Department of Education in Gauteng had assigned a contractor to refurbish the school, however it is alleged that the contractor had disappeared with the money and didn’t finish the project. It is also alleged that classrooms were broken down and never rebuilt or completed and the ones were already starting to show signs of cracking.


And this only months, after inspectors were sent to Willow Crescent Secondary and had given the school 3 months to fix the infrastructure at the school or face closure. The school has however allegedly said that they had applied for help at the department approximately 2 years ago. They have since pleaded with parents and local businesses to help them.


How are you helping? If you are in a position to help any one of the schools or know of anyone who can, kindly contact them:


Eldridge Primary School: +27 11 945 3715
 Fax: +27 11 945 3940
Willow Crescent Secondary: 27 11 945 2118
 Cell: +27 72 840 5983
Or Eldos FM on 011 945 6107 during office hours

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