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Sunday, 22 May 2016 17:08

Extension 3 park : A once glorious venue for the 2010 world cup to a now haven for delinquent behaviour

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Various scenes from Leon Schusters movie , Shucks Tshabala's Survival Guide To South Africa , were shot in this park. This created a hype of excitement for both young and old . It gave many of us a sense of hope and a feeling of belonging in the new South Africa.

All of this soon came to an end when events gradually decreased , police visibility vanished and regular maintenance became irregular . The perfect opportunity was then created for less favourable events to occur on a daily basis. These events unfortunately have very few positive attributes but loads of negative , very influencial incidents for the young children and youth of Eldorado Park . However , many young children make the most of the few swings and slides that are still working. The majority resort to playing soccer , smoking , drinking alcohol , vandalising property and littering . The question remains : what is a recreational park ? The dictionary definition will describe it as a place of relaxation , leisure and fun ! The ones who face the park everyday unfortunately do not experience the dictionary definition.

Many parents feel that they are loosing their children to the forceful clutches of the park. As a young adult and a resident of extension 3 , I am appealing for the park to be transformed to its former glory. This task is not impossilbe if we can get the relevant authorities , co-operation of the youth , police and parents. Every child in Eldorado Park should grow up in a beautiful , safe environment where they can freely play without being influenced by delinquents .


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