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EldosFM News Wrap Week Ending 18 May 2018 Featured

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In our main headlines for the past week: The Bus Strike is Finally Over! Protests on the Golden Highway persist; Parents of the Blue School Demand that Principal and suspended teachers are reinstated; and a Traditional Healer's home is gutted in a fire. You can find all of those details and more news in our Weekly News Wrap below.


14  May 2018

MEC for Education at the Blue School today
It is reported that the MEC for education Panyaza Lesufi will be visiting the Eldorado Park Secondary School, today at 3pm. This comes after claims of victimisation at the school, which led to an alleged teacher's strike that was reportedly commanded by the South African Democratic Teachers Union (sadtu) members that managed to bring disruptions of learning and teaching at the school. Residents are urged to come and support the school.


On-going concerns at the Blue School leads to visit by MEC of Education today
It is reported that the MEC for education Panyaza Lesufi alongside other department officials will be visiting the Eldorado Park Secondary school today at 3pm. This comes after claims of victimisation at the school, which led to an alleged teacher's strike that was reportedly commanded by South African Democratic Teachers Union (sadtu) members, which led to disruptions at the school. As per the department of education spokesperson Steve Mabona this is however not a public meeting.


15  May 2018
Mr Louw goes nowhere says parents and Eldorado Park community.
Tensions peaked last night at a meeting that took place at the Eldorado Park Secondary School. As per spokesperson from the department Steve Mabona the public meeting was scheduled for 18:00pm and the MEC for education was said to address on-going challenges at the school.  On the MEC's arrival he called to address the SGB privately and the parents and community refused resulting in MEC leaving the premises which left the community in confusion once again. Amidst allegations of the school principal being suspended the community demanded he goes nowhere and those 7 teachers who reported and the district to not return back to the school, however in a response from the official the teacher’s currently in place of the 7 teachers are employed on a month to month basis and the matter of the principal is a matter between employee and employer.



Bus Strike Finally Over
After trade unions and employers struck a deal, ending the bus strike that lasted for almost a month, buses are finally back on the road today. According to the South African Federation of Trade Unions (Satawu) workers have agreed to a 9% wage increase in the first year and 8% in the second and Spokesperson of Satawu says that workers have accepted the offer and that the issue of the pay back has been sorted out. Employers have agreed to back pay from 1 April. Workers will be back at their posts by tomorrow for the latest, however Golden Arrows states that some workers may return tomorrow but the services warns that operations may be limited.



16  May 2018
Protesters stoning vehicles on Golden Highway  
It has been reported that residents are protesting on Golden Highway towards Devland. Reports state that the protest is with regard to a request to stable electricity in the vicinity of Freedom Park and Eldoradopark. According to motorists the protesters are stoning passing vehicles motorists are urged to be vigilant and to avoid passing through these areas.

Shaynice Talla’s court case postponed
The murder case of Shaynice Talla at the Protea Magistrate's court was postponed earlier today due to the absence of cameras in the court, to May 23th and will take place in court 13 at 9 am. After being missing for a few hours Talla, 4 years of age, was found murdered last year on September 27th   in a water storm drain on the Koppie in ext 2 Eldorado park. The family has expressed that they're feeling distraught that the case has constantly been postponed and are calling on the community for support at the courthouse.


Eldos clean-up on Saturday
In an attempt to clean Eldorado Park local councillors and pikitup the Aresebetseng project was put into place.  Every month councillors and Pikitup select an area in Eldorado Park to be cleaned up, this month the councillors selected cnr Mapelaberg and Mahonie.

17 May 2018
Clarity on surplus misconception at the JD Opperman Centre underway
The Financial Services Conduct Authority  [FSCA] is currently at the JD Opperman Centre to assist residents in Eldorado Park with concerns and queries in regards to surplus money. Residents have been turning out in their numbers with the expectations to be assisted. If you have any queries or questions surrounding surplus payouts, you can make your way to the JD Opperman Centre, in Eldorado Park Ext 2.



Protest actions persist on the Golden Highway
With consistent power outages since last week Sunday, residents from Freedom Park have taken to the streets in protest. Johannesburg Metro Police Department (JMPD) spokesperson Wayne Minaar has confirmed that the protest is still active and urges motorists to avoid using the N12 golden highway.


Qualified traditional healer’s house up in flames
A fire broke out at a two bed-room house in Eldorado Park ext 8 at approximately half past eight this morning. According to an eye witness the home owner was inside the house  at the time of the fire which reportedly lasted up until 10am There are also claims that the  local ward councillor and police were contacted but to no avail. The cause of the fire is unclear at this time.









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