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EldosFM News Wrap Week Ending 31 August 2018 Featured

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Both Liyaqat Mentoor and Shaynice Talla cases back in court; One person Died & 5 Shacks Destroyed in Mapetla fire; News on the Bara Hospital Strike; Chaos around Foreign National-owned Shops Raided by Community Members are some of our main stories in this week's News Wrap. Read all those and more stories with images further below.

27 August 2018
Liyaqat Mentoor and Shaynice Talla cases resume in court
The murder case of 4 year old Shaynice Talla from Eldorado Park will be back in session today at the Protea Magistrate’s court at 09:00am following a postponement on August 13th due to outstanding DNA evidence of the second suspect. Court proceedings is said to resume today in which the accused, Cheslin Swartz, who is believed to be a relative of the victim has been charged with murder. Previous findings at the same court in Soweto, revealed findings of DNA evidence positively linking Swartz to the killing. Talla was found murdered in ext. 2, Eldorado Park after being missing for a few hours on September 27th, 2017.

Onke Mashi-nini accused of murder, child neglect, kidnapping and defeating the ends of justice in the case of missing Liyaqat Akheem Mentoor who was aged 3 when he went missing, will appear in the Roodepoort Magistrate's Court today at 09:00am as he is believed to be reapplying for bail this is however his second bail application following the denial of his first attempt on May 30th due to outstanding transcripts from the last bail hearing. Liyaqat went missing on March 16th of this year and was last seen outside his grandmother's home in Roodekrans in the Roodepoort area with the accused. Community members are requested to show support to the families at court today.

5 Shacks Destroyed by Fire in Mapetla.
At least five shacks were destroyed by the fire rage in Mapetla Soweto  earlier this morning.  One person died on the scene after succumbing to smoke inhalation Johannesburg Emergency Management Services spokesperson Robert Muluadzi urges Residents to use heating appliances cautiously to prevent fire incidents.


Councillor Rafferty expresses his gratitude to the people who helped out with the clean-up of ext 6.
Ward 17 councilor Peter Rafferty thanks the over 100 people who came out to assist with the clean-up of the extension 6 grounds on Saturday. The aim of the clean-up was to encourage the community to look after the grounds and to take pride in it. According to the councilor there will be a phase two that will take place which will include the painting of the grounds.

Councilor Rafferti announces phase 2 of Ext 6 grounds clean up
Ward 17 councillor Peter Rafferty wishes to thank the group of over 100 people who came out to assist with the Eldorado Park clean-up at the extension 6 grounds this past Saturday. The aim of the clean-up was to encourage the community to maintain the grounds and to take pride in it. According to councilor Rafferti, phase two of the clean-up will follow, which will include the painting of the grounds.

1 person dies following Soweto shack fire
Emergency Management Services have confirmed that at least 5 shacks were destroyed in a fire in Mapetla, Soweto earlier this morning.  One person died on the scene after succumbing to smoke inhalation. The cause of the fire is not yet known.Johannesburg EMS’s Robert Muluadzi urges Residents to use heating appliances cautiously to prevent fire incidents.

Services at Bara Hospital continue despite mass protest.
Despite mass protest action by workers at Chris Hani Baragwanath hospital, the Gauteng Health Department says health care services will not be disrupted. According to reports, demonstrations are early morning and lunch hour pickets since last week. This has been sparked by calls for the hospital CEO to step down over allegations of corruption, maladministration and nepotism. Acting director General for hospital services Dr Medupi Modisane says the understanding is that staff are currently at work and services have started.


One body too many after gruesome discoveries in Eldos and Viking
A african man estimated to be in his late 30’s was found dead in ext 9 on corner essop and st joan earlier today, it is believed that a bullet casing was found next to the body and that forensic investigation is yet to conducted.Cpf member Denzel Blignaut who was at the scene elaborates
Meanwhile, a new born baby has allegedly been found at the super quick next to Viking on the Golden highway. The circumstances behind the discovery is still unknown.

Missing 3 year old Liyaqat Mentoor’s case postponed to October 10th.
The suspect accused of child neglect, murder, kidnapping and defeating the ends of justice onke Mashinini, in the case of missing 3 year old Liyaqat Akheem Mentoor appeared in the Roodepoort Magistrate's Court today in an attempt to re-apply for a bail application, the case was however postponed to October 10th. The 3 year old went missing on March 16th of this year and was last seen outside his grandmother's home in Roodekrans in the Roodepoort area with the accused.

28 August 2018
Bara workers end their protest
Following protest action by workers at the Chris Hani Baragwanath Hospital in Soweto yesterday, the Gauteng Health Department announced today that the strike was over. What assisted in the strike coming to an end was workers’ demands having been met. On Monday, workers’ downed tools and demonstrated following allegations of corruption at the hospital which was crippling health care services. Workers demanded that hospital acting CEO Dr Sifiso Maseko step down, with claims of Maseko practising a “cash for jobs” system and him intimidating senior managers, among other things. Employees also demanded that corruption officials be removed and vacant posts be filled.

29 August  2018
Man shot dead in White City
One person has been shot dead in White City, Soweto, leaving a few shops looted as well. It is understood that tensions, are running high between Locals, and foreign nationals, within the area. It is alleged that a foreign national opened fire in self-defense but police have yet to confirm this.

23 year Old dies during looting in White city
A 23-year-old man was allegedly killed after community members from White City in Soweto on Wednesday went on the rampage‚ looting foreign-owned shops amid allegations that they sold expired food and items with counterfeit labels.
In a bid to protect his shop‚ a shop owner allegedly opened fire‚ fatally wounding one person.  Lieutenant-Colonel Lungelo Dlamini for the South African Police Services says
the victim was not one of the looters but a paying customer and that hours after Banele was shot dead‚ community members were still outside the store in White City and continued to empty the shop while the shop owners had locked themselves inside the shop after one of them had allegedly been beaten earlier in the day by community members. Dlamini says that police have since opened a murder and attempted murder case


Unlawful raids on spaza shops concerns government  
In a statement that was released last night government says it has noted with concern the escalating incidences of unlawful raids on spaza shops conducted by communities in some parts of the country. South African citizens have reportedly called for the removal of fake foodstuffs from stores in the country, this after videos and pictures surfaced on social media of illicit food products with modified expiry dates, that are allegedly being sold to unsuspecting consumers. Government has  however called on people not to take the law into their own hands, instead cooperate with the relevant authorities by lodging or reporting complaints about products deemed to be unsafe.

30 August 2018
Legal aid to address legal matters at Don Mateman today
In your top story, Legal Aid South Africa will be hosting a question and answer session today at the Don Mateman hall in Eldorado Park ext 5. The session is expected to start at 10 am and will cover a few legal queries which include: Divorce, Child Maintenance, Deceased Estates, Criminal records, bail, and awaiting trials. There will also be a discussion on a multitude of other legal issues as well. Members of the community are encouraged to come out in their numbers.

Death toll and arrests rise in Soweto after looting of foreign-owned shops
According to Gauteng police the death toll following looting of foreign-owned shops in Soweto has risen to three. The community took to the streets in protest‚ which turned violent and led to the looting of foreign nationals’ shops. During the violent attacks and the looting three people were killed in White City. In a statement made by Colonel Brenda Muridili on Wednesday there is also another person in hospital being treated for a gunshot wound and at least 27 people have been arrested. Two unlicensed firearms were also seized and more arrests are expected. The attacks on foreign-owned shops came after allegations that some were selling expired and counterfeit goods.

D.K Pikitup operations disrupted as depot goes up in flames
Following recent protest by job seekers at various pick it up depots and the torching of a pick it up truck last week, the PikItUp Depot in Diepkloof on Baragwanath road is reportedly on fire. Johannesburg EMS Spokesperson Robert Mulaudzi says there is no report of any fatalities and the cause of the fire is unknown.


Foreign National shop looting rapidly continues
Some foreign shop owners have totally left Soweto, after violent clashes, that already claimed the lives of 3 people, in White City, and surrounding areas. The motion spreads today, with reports of looting taking place in Freedom park, and Eldorado Park. Acting National Police Commissioner, Lebeoana Tsumane, has condemned the looting and violence, begging residents not to take the law into their own hands.

31 August 2018
Blue School mobile classroom gutted by fire
Today the Eldorado Park secondary school faced a blaze, as a mobile classroom caught fire, just after school was dismissed. Staff at the school managed to get the fire under control, as the fire department quickly responded to secure the area.

The cause of the fire is still unknown, however the school principle, Mr Marlon Louw, confirmed that there were no electrical faults, and no injuries recorded. The Principle further stated that Monday will be a normal school day, and damages are estimated to be around R300 000.

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