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Eldosfm News Wrap Week Ending 31 May 2019 Featured

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Our Headlines for the week gone by focus mainly on Child Protection Week, including a Clean-up of Shaynice Talla Park, while another news story also drawing much attention was a shack fire in Ext 4 which left a family homeless. For all those details and our Child Protection Week highlights and images, continue reading our Weekly News Wrap below.

27 May 2019
Eldos in support of child protection week
Today marks the start of national child protection week and is observed annually to raise awareness around the rights of children. Campaigning around child protection began in 1997 with an aim to mobilise all sectors of society to ensure the care and protection of children.
Activations in Eldorado Park kicked off this morning where local stakeholders, community leaders, children and parents gathered outside of Eldos SAPS in support of the cause.


Nursery rhymes lead day 1 of child protection week
Children were seen gathering outside of Eldorado Park SAPS this morning to raise awareness around national child protection week. The week-long event is observed country-wide with an aim to mobilise all sectors of society to ensure children are cared for and protected. The young demonstrators were seen carrying posters with the words “protect us” and could also be heard singing songs amid activations.
The Eldorado Park Local Drug Action Committee was in attendance and the chairperson, Cheryl Pillay, who addressed the crowd, spoke on behalf of community leaders and stakeholders and detailed the programme for the rest of the day. Community members are invited to attend activations later today at 4pm on the corner of golden highway and main.


28 May 2019

Eldos stakeholders clamping down on child neglect
Stakeholders inclusive of the Eldorado Park neighbourhood watch, Community Policing Forum, SASSA as well as the Local Drug Action Committee is doing a door to door visits in and around ext. 8 and Old Eldos.
Our news reporter Natalie Jackson, who was at one of the homes where child neglect has been reported, says that further steps will be taken by social workers, to ensure the safety of the children. Cheryl Pillay Ldac chair says child neglect and abuse will no longer be tolerated. For more information on the child awareness campaign follow us on Facebook at Eldos FM local news.


29 May 2019
#BreakTheSilence activations for Child protection week continue
Day three of child protection week activities will include a fingerprint drive at preschools. The campaign is led by Eldorado Park Local Drug Action Committee, Ldac- to highlight child abuse and neglect. Residents are encouraged to participate in the week’s activities under the theme Break the Silence. Activists will gather at Saps Eldorado Park at 9 am and then move to Sunshine centre in Ext 6. They will then move to PUSH to join in on their Child protection awareness week campaign and wrap up at the corner of Goud and Turf where they will be doing a community awareness activation.


Children voice their opinions on Child Protection Week

Day three of child protection week is currently underway in Eldorado Park with stakeholders inclusive of the Eldorado Park neighbourhood watch, community Policing Forum, Yellow Ribbon foundation, and the Local Drug Action Committee visiting different special needs schools in the area to educate children on their rights to feel safe and protect. Cheryl Scott, centre manager of Harvey Cohen explains the importance of involving kids with special needs. Members of the community is encouraged to join today’s community awareness activation from 3pm this afternoon at the corner of Goud and Turf Avenue.


A Shack Fire in Ext 4 leaves family homeless
In ext. 4 Eldorado Park, a shack caught fire earlier this morning on the corner of Milnerton and Alberg streets, leaving a mother and her two children injured and destitute. It is however unclear at this point who or what started the fire.


Push Provides on-going support for childre
PUSH a non- profit organization that focuses on HIV and Aids education testing and counseling, located in 1 Boundary Road was among the hosts for activations today as Child Protection Week enters its 3rd day. Local stakeholders including the yellow ribbon foundation, the Eldorado park neighbourhood watch and the ACID centre were in attendance as awareness was being raised around the rights of children.


30 May 2019

Shaynice Talla remembered during child Protection Week
The Shaynice Talla Park is being cleaned today as part of child protection week activations. The park is close to where the Body of Shaynice Talla was found and is done in memory of her after her body was found in 2017. Family, stakeholders and leaders are gathered in her memory. Cheryl Pillay Ldac urges community members to continue to speak out on child abuse and neglect. Community members are urged to come through to the ext. 4 park to assist with the clean-up that is currently taking place as part of today’s activation. For more information on the child awareness campaign follow us on Facebook at Eldos FM local news


31 May 2019

Child protection week highlights
Child Protection awareness week activations are being finalised today at the Ext 2 clinic and Parkdale primary respectively. This week saw LDAC and numerous stakeholders bring about the awareness of child protection in the Eldorado Park community.

On Monday activations kicked off with local stakeholders, community leaders, children and parents gathering outside the Eldos SAPS in support of the awareness campaign. They then concluded the day’s activities with an activation at the corner of Main road and Golden Highway.

On Tuesday stakeholders were divided into groups for door to door campaigns on child neglect in Ext 8 one the hotspot areas.

On Wednesday the stake holders had an activation at Sunshine centre and Harvey Cohen where they took the learners fingerprints. Harvey Cohen centre manager speaks to Eldos Fm about the challenges in the disability sector. They later joined PUSH in their awareness campaigns and concluded with a community activation awareness on the corner of Goud and Turf road.

On Thursday stakeholders did a follow-up on the cases of child neglect and abuse where they removed approximately 7 children from homes where they were abused and neglected, and some of the stakeholders met with the community of Balfour flats on the corner of Mahonie and Mapelaberg where they cleaned the Shaynice Talla Park.

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