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EldosFM News Wrap Week Ending 5 July 2019 Featured

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Among our EldosFM Headlines for the week gone by: Power outages leads to unrest in Klipspruit; Mayor Mashaba celebrated UN International Day Against Drug Abuse at Enerdale church; A 3 year old killed in shack fire; Shaynice Talla’s family angry that case gets postponed again; Ennerdale father who shot and killed his son has been released. Read details and see the images of these and other stories in our News Wrap below.


01 JUNE 2019

Mayor Mashaba Goes to Church
The Executive Mayor of Johannesburg, Herman Mashaba yesterday celebrated international drug abuse and illicit drug trafficking week with the community of the Ennerdale Church of The Nazarene. The International Day Against Drug Abuse and Illicit Trafficking is a United Nations International Day against drug abuse and the illegal drug trade. Mashaba said thugs are tormenting communities and emphasised that if the community works with police, change is possible. Mashaba also said We have a high unemployment rate which can also easily draw the youth into doing and dealing with drugs and that they are still working on having more campaigns and programmes to get the youth off the streets.


02 JUNE 2019
Shack fire claims life of 3-year-old
Another shack fire has claimed the life of a 3-year-old boy early this morning in the Roodepoort area. The boy’s father is currently receiving treatment for major burn injuries at the Leratong hospital. Emergency Management services in JHB is appealing to the public to practice Extra precaution when using heating sources during the winter season.


Local court cases resume at Protea Court today
The murder case of the late Shaynice Talla is underway at the Protea Magistrates court this morning. The 4-yr. old was reported missing in 2017 September and her body was later found close to her home in ext. 2. It is alleged that a family member is linked to her murder. And Retrial of Loren Dreyer also proceeds today after 3 years of numerous postponements. Dreyer was killed in 2015 New Year’s Eve by her partner, Oliver Reed who is said to be out on bail.


Shaynice Talla’s family angry after case gets postponed again
Shaynice Talla’s family expressed their anger after being turned away from the Protea Magistrate court this morning. A minor had to take the witness stand to share his last moments with the deceased. The court learnt that the witness was Afrikaans speaking and did not have an interpreter available for the court proceedings. The case has been postponed to the 10th of July.


Child Road Safety Activations Moved to Nancefield Primary
Teachers from Nancefield primary said that this morning, child road safety activations was a huge success. LDAC, JMPD, EMS and other community stakeholders gathered at the school to educate scholars on road safety issues. Today’s campaign titled, School transport education and awareness, focused on educating kids about their rights, when they use school transport.


Court releases Ennerdale father who shot and killed his son

The 51-year-old man who shot in killed his son Infront of Fred Norman Secondary school in Ennerdale was released yesterday. Sibusiso Tshabala pleaded guilty to charges of murder after he shot and killed his son. Tshabala said that he fell asleep in his car while waiting for his son after school and when his son knocked on the window, he mistakenly shot his son thinking his a criminal. The Lenasia magistrate’s court sentenced Tshabalala to 10 years imprisonment, wholly suspended for five years.


Forest Hill High Stabbing
The 20-year-old suspect involved in the Forest High school stabbing has appeared in The Johannesburg magistrate’s court today.
The suspect faces two charges of attempted murder and one of murder. He will be appearing in court again tomorrow for his bail application. The incident, which is said to be gang related, took place outside the school premises on Monday morning. 16-year-old Daniel Bakwela was stabbed to death and two other learners suffered minor injuries. The Gauteng MEC for Education Panyaza Lesufi visited the school and classes has been put on hold while students will be receiving counselling. The two pupils have since been discharged from hospital And Funeral arrangements are yet to be confirmed by the Family.


05 JUNE 2019
Klipspruit resident furious after reoccurring power supply problems which leads to unrest
Residents of Greater Eldorado Park, especially Klipspruit residents, say the week-long power supply problems the area experienced during the cold winter evenings is inhuman. Residents had once again blocked main Road and Fuchia street last night for the second time this week due to power interruptions and supply problems to the area with no notification or reason as to why.

Power supply to the area was interrupted for the past week from around 5 o’clock every day. According to residents, Its extremely frustrating when you come from work and there is no power to cook or to heat your home during the cold winter evenings.

Eldos fm spent hours calling the necessary officials in an attempt to get answers. The power supply problems residents experienced the past few days was attributed to an overloaded system, repair work and Cable theft. Ward committee member Dawn Delange says no one gives any return.

Power supply to Kliptown and Extension seven was also interrupted yesterday evening and City power officials once again said, it was due to an overloaded system Repairs and Cable theft.


Residents demand answers for continuous power outages
Residents of Greater Eldorado Park and particularly Klipspruit residents, say the Week-long power supply problems the area experienced during the cold winter evenings is inhumane. Residents had Once again blocked Main Road and Fuchia Street last night for the second time this week due to power interruptions to the area with no notification or reasons given for the blackouts.

Eldos fm spent hours trying to contact the necessary officials in an attempt to get a response. According to a statement released by the Power Utility, The power supply problems, residents experienced the past few days was attributed to an Overloaded system, repair work to the system and Cable theft. Spokesperson for City Power Isaac Mangena was to be interviewed on Eldos fm at half past twelve this afternoon to give the community feedback on the outages.


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