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Saturday, 23 March 2019 17:09

EldosFM News Wrap Week Ending 22 March 2019

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We certainly did not keep our listeners in the dark when it came to news about Load Shedding over the week gone by. Also in our top stories; Onke Mashini makes a court appearance in the case of missing 3-year-old Liyaqat Akeem Mentoor and the case is postponed yet again: Bara hospital concerned over infrastructure damage due to load shedding and Soweto Taxi Routes Remain Closed. All the details and images are in our Weekly News Wrap below.

In the News making our EldosFM Headlines for the week gone by: The Barber Empire Successfully Launched Mens Grooming Spa & Wifi Park; SAPS seeks community assistance in solving Klipspruit drive-by that leaves one dead; Tensions Rise between Rival Taxi Associations and Grade 8 Boys Under Investigation for Rape Allegations. For more details and images check out our News Wrap below.

Tuesday, 05 March 2019 14:25

EldosFM News Wrap Week Ending 1 March 2019

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Our #News #Headlines this week were dominated by the very successful 24th Township Marathon; The Eldorado Park Senior Citizens Forum with its 1st Anniversary highlighted issues affecting the elderly and The Barber Empire launched its exclusive grooming facility. Read all those details and more of our news stories in our Weekly News Wrap below.  

Friday, 22 February 2019 22:50

EldosFM News Wrap Week Ending 22 Febrary 2019

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In our News Wrap for the week gone by: The run up to the 24th Annual Township Marathon on Sunday 24th of February; A thirteen-year-old boy died after drowning in a dam; Operation Buya Mthetho yields results for SAPS; Youth Empowerment initiative Tshepo One Million brings opportunities to Eldorado Park; Eldorado Park CPF pay tribute to the late Brandon van Zyl; and Eldorado Park Schools Well-Represented in District Athletics Championships. All those details and more of our main news stories further below.

In our News Wrap for the week gone by: Soweto East Cluster & Eldorado Park Police makes multiple arrests throughout the week including a 26 year old male arrested for rape: The half-naked body of a female found in Lenasia: Eldorado Park Inter School Sports has a packed program; Meeting held in Ennerdale to address overcrowding in schools. See all of those details and other news stories and images further below.

Tuesday, 05 February 2019 09:39

EldosFM News Wrap Week Ending 1 February 2019

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In our Headlines for the week gone by: The IEC 9 million eligible voters still not on the voter’s roll; SADTU withdraws members from Eldorado Park due to Claims of Racism while Eldos residents embark on a #EldosIsNotRacist campaign; 20 learners injured after drifter drives into them; There is still no justice in the Louren Dryer murder case while the Liyaqat Akheem Mentoor case is back in court.
See all of those details and other news stories and images in our News Wrap further below.

Wednesday, 23 January 2019 17:22

Aunty Merle The Musical Hits Joburg Theatre

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Comedian Marc Lottering's AUNTY MERLE THE MUSICAL triumphantly hits the Joburg Theatre Nelson Mandela Theatre, 1 February 2019!

Written by Marc Lottering, and directed by Lara Foot, AUNTY MERLE THE MUSICAL has received no fewer than 4 Fleur Du Cap Theatre Nominations. The hit show has already enjoyed 2 sell-out seasons, and is back by public demand.

The Storyteller of Riverlea explores renowned South African author Chris Van Wyk's influences as a poet, as political activist and writer, his family life and his battle with cancer. The Market Theatre production is a homage to his humor, political values and storytelling abilities, all of which has touched the lives of everyone who has read his works.

WATCH founder of No More Victims, Liesl Valloo, talking to Chriselda Lewis of SABC's The Full View about the challenges the facility faces and the dire need for fast-tracking government help for the facility.

Thursday, 15 November 2018 11:01

How to Survive the Heatwave

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If you find yourself rather lethargic or perhaps even delusional throughout the day, do not be alarmed because the South African Weather Service warns Gauteng residents to gear up for a scorching week ahead. This may be the perfect opportunity to take a shot at the girl you have been admiring for some time now by including a play on the word “hot”, or rather providing a scientific fact about the actual heatwave to save face in case she blows you off and you’re left walking away with nothing but sweat dripping down your face. Not to worry, the following 5 tips will help you brace for the heatwave whether your pick up line falls flat or not…

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