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Monday, 25 July 2016 13:10

Coloured Hair

Written by Lesley-Ann Enique Bezuidenhout
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Welcome to your dose of Coloured Hair editorial. I am Lesley-Ann Enique Bezuidenhout, (Hair Fashionista). All my life I have changed, experimented, coloured, braided, permed my hair, because I for one love, good, beautiful looking hair.

Coloured Hair???  What comes to mind?  Well to me it means,curly, bushy, straight...one word VERSATILE.


Having said that we all have our up and down days with our hair. But what is most important to any woman is maintaining healthy hair, because healthy hair equals good hair days, when women have good hair days you will see it in the way she flicks her hair, that extra step in her walk, and suddenly the world makes sense.
With coloured hair, we are blessed to have our local hairdressers that is always able to take that knotted ,dried out ,split ended hair back to their humane and dignified state.

Where does good hair start?  Easy!  Your genes. We as coloured ethnicity, have a vast type of hair types. We go from ethnic to Caucasian in one hairdressing appointment. Whereas with other hair types/textures, we relax (chemical enhancer) and get the same Caucasian effect.


In recent years many women have decided to wear their naturally and not use chemicals as frequently as they use to.Reasons behind this is that some hairdressing products caused severe damage, dryness and unmanageable hair. Different hair product companies have ventured into less harsher chemicals, more ethnic friendlier products,like dry perms (that washes after its first wash), semi Brazilian blow-out (that washes out in 6 months).

There are so many new products that can assist in making a girl's life easier, and also at ease knowing less damage to our hair, and yes, more manageable hair. Next week we will address concerns about troubled hair, from how to treat and maintain beautiful and healthy hair.

Last word:  Always read labels, know your hair type,eg oily,dry, and don't just buy any product because it smells good and is expensive. Your hair is your crown, wear it with pride and be the queen that you are.

Lesley-Ann Enique Bezuidenhout
Enique's Business Solutions (Pty) Ltd

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