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Wednesday, 17 August 2016 10:42

A woman's hair is her crown!

Written by Lesley-Ann Enique Bezuidenhout
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Ever heard of the phrase "I am having a bad hair day"..I am sure most of us can relate to that bad hair situation ruining our entire day.

Sometimes it is easier to say take care of your hair,and recommend this and that,but if time and our busy lives has at a gel push back in the midst of our daily lives,we become despondent.

Oh yes,I come from those gel and push back moments to get me through my day,but if I had known then what I know now,I would definitely have applied it to my life.
These points are crucial for maximum daily hair terrific days.


-Do not be afraid to ask your hairstylists questions and recommendations about your hair.
-Go for a hairstyle that you feel comfortable with and that suits your face.
-Before going for that desired look,make sure you have the tools to maintain it,e.g..Hair Iron,curling iron,hair products etc.
-Ask your stylist about suitable products for your upon colouring or using chemicals.
-Read your labels when you buy your hair products.
-Eating healthy foods,taking supplements and drinking plenty of fluids,because dehydration can also have your scalp dry,and your hair brittle.
-Too much ironing,too much airbrushing without proper heat protection can have your hair damaged and brittle too.
-Save for that one hair treatment to rejuvenate your hair and make it silky soft.Be kind to yourself,you and your hair deserve it.


By taking basic precautions,you can always have beautiful hair.

Queen work your crown.

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