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Tuesday, 04 October 2016 14:46

KSP Make-up by Shana Defines Contouring

Written by Ashleigh Fernandis
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Scrolling down on my Facebook feed, I noticed that there is an ongoing and persistent enlightenment regarding body image.

One can only hope that this is a positive change that will inspire women and men alike to become more comfortable with the way the good Lord made them. Alas, we do not live in an ideal world yet we are constantly striving for an ideal image. An example of such is the battle between natural beauty versus enhanced beauty, proudly brought to you by make-up. Kim Kardashian became the ambassador for the contouring trend and had us swiftly reaching deep into our financial reserves to purchase five different shades of foundation.


Contouring is a make-up technique used to enhance and exaggerate our existing physical features using only make-up. Before it became a household name, contouring was reserved for behind the scenes of photo shoots of exclusive designers and magazine features. To explore the trend and marvel at the transformation, we contacted a make-up artist to do all the hard work.


Meet Kimberley Shana Parker; founder and owner of KSP Make-Up by Shana. At the tender age of 23, Miss Parker has contoured many faces and instilled confidence in women of all ages and walks of life. Her talent has allowed her to produce physical and mental changes in many with a flick of her magic brush. According to Parker, as a young girl, it was one of her favourite things to use her face as a canvas and to experiment with make-up.

This early curiosity became one of her closest comforts throughout her high school year. Like many girls in high school, Kimberley faced many self-esteem issues throughout her high school career, exacerbated by taunting and teasing that has become commonplace in high school hallways. Taking her experimentation further, she started to use make-up and gained lost confidence.


But this wasn’t just a phase for Parker. While completing her degree at Wits University, the challenge of unemployment soon became unavoidable and she started to question her career path. Now, let’s be real. At some point in our lives, we all experience unemployment and the effects include but are not limited to: self-loathing, depression, uncertainty, anxiety and inevitable weight gain (the last of these being completely unnecessary).

In her slump, her long-term boyfriend then suggested that she do something she enjoyed but with which she could simultaneously earn money #thanksboyfriend. And so, the dream of KSP Make-Up by Shana became a reality in October 2015.

Since the launching of her business, Kimberley has made-over many a face for matric dances, birthdays and weddings. Miss Parker has gone on to polish and powder the faces of some of S.A’s celebs including AKA, Da Les, Maggz, Reason, PH, Kwesta, DJ Naves, Sphectacular and Major League. Her work has also been featured in music videos by afore mentioned artists.


Talking Trends
It’s only fair that we use professionals to advance our knowledge on a particular matter and this time around it’s no different. Make-up trends, just like fashion are constantly evolving. In 2013 we saw make-up trends leaning towards a luminescent skin with a bright lip colour; coral pink, tangerine and bright red. This swiftly transformed into very little emphasis on lip colour and more focus on accentuating the eyes using the cut-crease technique. Cut- creasing used darker shadows in the crease of the eyelid, brighter eye-shadows and eyeliners. In 2015 it was all about the perfection of the cat-eye, and shades of brown (especially nude) on the lips and iridescent eyelids.


Come 2016 and we all are contouring everything from our foreheads to our ankles (believe it)! Kylie Jenner made pouty lips a thing, burgundy is now THE colour and eyebrows are waxed to create bushy looking brows. So can we recycle trends?
According to Miss Parker, yes we can! Miss Parker says there is nothing wrong with the standard smoky eye, really popular in 2014, nor with sticking to a lip colour which matches your skin tone perfectly. Parker adds that trends aren’t always everything. Rather, it is important to embrace what you are comfortable with and create your own personal trend.

She goes on to say, “I still rock a smoky eye because I love dramatic make-up. Just because matte is a current trend doesn’t mean I’ve thrown all my lipgloss away and that I am only going to use matte lipstick.”


Natural VS Make-Up
When asked about her thoughts on the two conflicting trends found on social media, Miss Parker has this to say, “Some days I wake up and I feel that I want to look extra glamorous, so I’ll do my make-up to reflect that feeling. Other days I feel like pulling an Alicia Keys and I’ll wear no make-up at all. As a make-up artist, wearing make-up is part of marketing my brand as well as my business. I’m a walking advertisement. Without wearing make-up people may not recognise me as a make-up artist. But when I wear make-up, my product and service is out there for the world to see.” In other words, do you boo-boo and be happy with what you’re doing.





Tips and Tricks
How could we resist asking for tips and tricks? Miss Parker was more than willing to help us achieve a flawless face with the following:

1.  For a more defined brow, brush your eyebrows with an eyelash brush or an old but clean mascara wand to tame stray hairs.
2.  If you’re beyond help and all out of practice trying to get the perfect cat-eye or lined lid, draw on your desired shape with an eye pencil before applying liquid eyeliner. If this does not appeal to your inner risk-taker, dip a cotton swab in 3.  Vaseline and clean away any unwanted excess.
4.  Apply your foundation to the lip area as well, as this allows for easier contouring and great lip definition.
5.  Use some petroleum jelly aka Vaseline as a moisturising and nourishing layer before you apply your lipstick. This helps to prevent your lips from drying out and cracking.
6.  Most importantly, remove all make from your face before jumping into bed and drink as much water as possible. Make-up tends to block pores and this can cause breakouts. Water cleanses your system and helps keep your skin clear, leaving a healthy glow in its wake.
7.  There is truth in the statement, “Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.” This being said, trends will come and go, your self-confidence should not. Whether you love make-up or being bare-faced, always do what makes you feel the best version of yourself. Chastising yourself because you don’t have an extra half an hour in the morning to contour your face is not going to make you happy. Stay true to yourself; love the skin you’re in.

We could not resist an opportunity to do a makeover and so, for a couple of hours I got to be a different version of myself.     


For all enquiries and bookings please contact Miss Kimberley Shana Parker on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. . Follow her on Facebook Ksp.makeupbyshana, on Instagram @ksp.makeupbyshana. For all her step-by-step tutorials check out her blog on http://www.kspmakeupbyshana.blogspot.com
Some of our favourite looks on and by Miss Kimberley Shana Parker:

















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