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Thursday, 11 August 2016 11:48

Inter-racial relationships 22 years after apartheid

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We sure have come along way. During apartheid times, blacks were only allowed to date blacks and the same applied for all other races.

We have run the race up to this point, but we have not crossed the finish line as yet, as we do still have along way to go.

Many people have different understandings of what apartheid actually was. Some say it was the separation of the races, leading to the separation of the land as a whole, thus forming the basis of racism in the land as well. Some say apartheid was inequality with regards to education privileges, as white people were given first preference over blacks and coloureds, regardless of the fact that all applicants boasted the same level of experience for the job my personal opinion, I do feel that both sides of the coin was right, as whites were given first privileges when it came to any matter and yes there was unfair treatment in terms of education.

If you have to think carefully, has there really been improvement in the country over the past 22 years regarding this matter? Yes, we classified as a free country but are we really? Has things not just changed from white empowerment to black empowerment? Races may be free to mingle and date each other but just how accepting are the two families of this? Does apartheid still linger on in their hearts and minds and if that's the case, just how far are the inter-racial couple willing to go to have things work between them and just how much can they put up with from their respective families?

I am currently residing in Eldorado Park and I am dating an amazing woman from Soweto. We have been dating for almost 2years and although at first my family may not have been accepting of this, as time progressed, they eventually got use to the idea of me dating her, as they saw the positive influence she had on my life. Like any other relationship, we do have our ups and downs, but just like its alittle more complicated as there is the factor of different cultures and religions to be taken into consideration. Before dating her, I wasn't aware of certain aspects regarding her culture such as damages that have to be paid should I pregnate her before I marry her. I wasn't aware that there's option of either doing a traditional or white wedding or even doing both. All this I learned whilst dating her, so it was a bit much for me at first as I had to get to know her and how things are done onher side too. It is though a very unique exprerience as it does open your mind to all the different walks of life out there and also grows you as an individual.

Though most, not all parents want to just to see their child happy and succeed in life, not all would be happy with the thought of their child dating someone who doesn't know anything about their culture. I do believe past stigma over powers their thoughts on such an issue and it does tend to make things a bit more difficult if not a lot more for that couple to actually be with each other, the question will always be there. Will in inter-racial couples ever be accepted and seen as just an other couple in this country of ours?

Yes, we have come along way since the apartheid era, but we have an even longer way to go for our country to be seen as truly free.

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