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Thursday, 06 October 2016 11:09

Coloured Heritage

Written by Roshen Prantice
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With heritage month and the celebration of diversity in our country we as coloureds always tend to ask the question who are we and where do we belong?

So when it comes to coloured roots it’s more often than not, not as straight forward as you would expect especially with the hundreds of different theories and genetic combinations. One of such theories is that coloureds possess ancestry from Europe, Asia and various Khoi-San and Bantu ethnic groups of Southern Africa. One other theory is that coloureds are seen as the descendants of numerous sexual unions between Western European men and Khoi-San women in the Cape colony from the 17th century onwards.



There is then also the suggestion that after all these theories where is the proof to support all these claims? So for this reason there has been studies conducted over the years such as the genetic studies that suggest that we have the highest levels of mixed ancestry in the world while mitochondrial DNA studies have demonstrated that the maternal line of coloured population are descended mostly from Khoi-San women which is a case of gender biased admixture.



After all is said and done not everyone has the same ethnic background and every individual and family have a variety of different physical features, so whether you have Khoi, Indian, Zulu or Xhosa blood in you, you are wonderfully you and you should embrace who you are.

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