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Friday, 28 October 2016 10:39


Written by Roshen Prantice
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Social acceptance as defined by the urban dictionary is the fact that most people in order to fit in with others start to look and act like them and it thereby stops everyone from truly being themselves and is also the reason why most people look painfully average.

Most people have the perception that social acceptance is something only pre-teens, teens and young adults go through but truth be told, acceptance is something we all want and sometimes in order to get it many lose who they truly are. An example of changing one’s self for acceptance would be the child who gets bullied for being fatter than the next and starts skipping meals, going on outlandish diets and ends up being anorexic or bulimic all just to be accepted by his or her peers.

One could even look at the young adult who goes for plastic surgery in order to look like the girl she sees in the magazine with the “perfect face and body” or even an adult who puts themselves in debt to buy a big house and expensive car all to come across as well off to those around them.
According to experts there are many factors that influence social acceptance such as culture, time, type of interaction, position and age group, however even though it is difficult to gain social acceptance everyone tries to achieve it but sadly for many the dream has never been realised and for those who have managed to creep into the social life, the road has not been an easy one.


After all is said and done, social acceptance has destroyed the uniqueness of the world and has left many to feel uncomfortable in their own skin and yet Kurt Cobain once said that wanting to be someone else is a waste of the person you are.

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