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Written by Roshen Prantice
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“FAMILY” is a single word with many different meanings.


Google for instance defines family as a group of people consisting of two parents and their children living as a unit and all the descendants of a common ancestor.
As we differ from person to person so do our situations and circumstances and even more so, our family tree. We all know the saying that you can choose your friends but not you’re family and as true as it may be there are parts of your family that you can choose such as the family you decide to marry into.

For example most people tend to look at Indian arranged marriages and judge because at the end of the day you are the one who needs to build a life with the person , but truth be told I am inclined to agree with the method to a certain extent. When you get married not only do you marry the individual but you marry his/her family as well and although it may not seem so these days, marriage was made for keeps.

Family members that remain our choice are those friends that stick closer than a brother, and we all have that much selected few that we can honestly say have gone over and beyond being friends and are now considered family. In my situation I have friends that were not even mine to begin with and now they’ve been around for what feels like forever and I can’t even remember what life was like without them, not that I’m complaining.

Most importantly we have our blood family, the people that will drive you so far up the wall to the point of no return, but if you are like me you would do anything and everything for them. As I said before you can choose your friends but not your family, but I would never want anyone else because who else is going to understand me or put up with me or even love me with no strings attached the way they do.

When I asked around how people define family most defined it as the people you can’t choose, people who support you through thick and thin and people who you will always be there for even if they make you naar. So whether your family tree is as uncommon as they come or standardised, remember family is about more than just blood, it’s about being there for the long haul.

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