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Monday, 12 December 2016 14:57

Kallit Festive Featured

Written by Roshen Prantice
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Festive is hands down by far the most anticipated time of the year for many reasons such as the working class receiving their bonus, school is closed for extra-long and it is generally just a more jolly time of year.

We all know that come December is ons Bushies op top form met alles van hare, tot Klere, skoene, parties en die huise kry n volle renovation, Ek praat van paint, paving in die yard, tot op nuwe buite mure.

Over the years I have come to notice that come this jolly time of year we all have our own way of celebrating and as for us kallits, there are quite a few things to get done before Christmas finally arrives. 


First on the list die hele huis word gespring clean, and trust me, as a girl I know this first-hand. It always starts with cleaning and packing the cupboards right, vanaf die klere kaste, die room divider en die kitchen kaste word gebleach en Handy-Andy.  Hooooooo… Then we have the cleaning of the windows and curtains; jy sal die hele dag met koerant staan en vensters polish, and of course the new curtains and bedding plus the house gets new paint that most of the time takes forever and a day to get done.

One thing I can always give props for is the clothing.  Let’s be honest… come this time of year retailers pull out all the stops with the latest and hottest fashion trends and obviously we just have to have it all.
The funny thing about Krizza shopping is that you not only get an outfit for Christmas, but you also get an outfit for boxing day and new year’s day even if you are not going anywhere… just to your aunty in the suburbs who has a pool, where you going to be taking selfies in the pool the whole day.



The crowning glory of the festive season every single year without fail is the non-stop parties. Now we’re all human and just like the next person we all enjoy a good time and I think as Coloureds, the only party rule is that when we party we go big and never go home, and that applies whether you’re hosting the party or just attending. From my very own personal experience I have seen this. Kyk, a party is ‘n party, maar in festive word ons net nie moeg van party nie.
‘n Party is ook jou kans om jou nuwe paar skoene en nuwe kar af te show, so almal wil flex in December.


By the time Christmas finally arrives there is still so much to be done, for example, for us ladies its hair… almal het rollers in die kop, some do their nails as well and then after that is done, the cooking begins. Ou Krizza is die dag waar al die kos gepre-prep word. Every Coloured’s Christmas table always has the roasted turkey, although some now prefer the turducken, die soutvleis, gammon, tongue, lamb and some salads which normally include your standard braai salads such as baked beans, potato salad and your pasta and tuna salad and let us just bear in mind that every aunty is bringing their pots for the get together so there is an overflow of food for days, and then we still say “we just having a light meal for Christmas.”
Dan kom jou ma se suster met die 5 litre ginger beer wat nie agter bly nie.  Op Christmas dag is almal vroeg wakker om presents oop te maak en vir kerk toe gaan. Na kerk is dit fees tyd wat beteken jy eet kos en dessert non-stop. Jy sal na boxing day kaster olie drink.



So whether you are home, partying up a storm or going away this festive season be safe and remember to spend wisely, because we still have dreaded JANUARY to go into; the only month of the year that we measure in months instead of weeks and days.
So in the spirit of good cheer and good times ahead….


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