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Thursday, 25 August 2016 14:15

Cabbage Stew

Written by Carmen Klassen
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As a child I hated cabbage. I always wondered why the adults around me loved it so much.

I would hear “oh ek lus vir n leker pot cabbage” or “ ek wil n cabbage koop om lekker cabbage stew te maak” and “Oh dies cabbage was nou baie lekker”. I thought what on earth are they talking about. Years later I find myself craving for cabbage. I am the one looking for a “lekker cabbage” to make. Oh gosh I just realized I'm getting old now. Maybe that’s why I'm babbling on and not getting to the recipe. So here goes. I hope you enjoy.





1 head of cabbage shredded


Stewing beef








Black pepper


Stock pot (I used a veggie stock pot)


Beef stock cube


Mixed herb


Coriander seeds (optional)







I shredded my cabbage just by cutting thinly with a butcher knife but any knife or method of shredding will work. I placed the shredded cabbage in a large bowl and poured boiling water over it. Enough water to cover the cabbage. I did this 3 times in 20min increments. The reason for this is to relieve the cabbage from all the access acidity/gas before adding it to the stew.




So as usual, I start with browning my onions. I then add the meat. I turn up the temperature on the stove because I want to get some colour on meat. This takes about 15min depending on the temperature of the stove.



When the meat starts browning I add the mixed herb, coriander seeds, garlic, pepper and a little salt. I put the lid on the pot and allow it to browning off checking ever 5min to make sure it is not burning. If you find that the meat is sticking to the bottom of the pot don’t turn down the heat on the stove just add ¼ cup of water each time. Remember it is beef and it needs to cook longer than say lamb.


After about 30-40min of browning and cooking the meat should be tender enough so it does not cook away but tender enough to add potatoes.




Add the potatoes with ½ cup water and ½ stock (I used the veggie stock pot) and allow it to cook with the lid on for about 20min depending on the type of potato and the size. After 20min add the cabbage with ½ cup veggie stock and ½ beef stock and allow it to cook another 20mins.




It is now ready to serve on a bed of rice and the next day with fresh white bread yum!











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