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Tuesday, 30 August 2016 09:19

Sugar Bean Curry

Written by Carmen Klassen
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 I recently visited Durban and as always I enjoyed the cuisine.

The bunny chows are extremely popular - more so the beans bunny. I’m not much of a bunny person but I do love a good curry and the Durbanites make a really good one. CNN seems to agree with me. From bean curry to mutton curry to chicken curry not to mention the Dahl so today my inspiration comes from the city voted the best in South Africa. I am making my version of a beans curry with stewing beef and it can be served with roti or basmati rice.


 Stewing beef


Dry sugar beans






Green Pepper


Mixed Herb


Black mustard seeds


Coriander seeds


Garum Masala


Curry powder/Masala


Chillie Powder


Garlic and ginger




Tomato (optional)


Salt and pepper









I start off by marinating my meat. I use mixed herb, garum masala, garlic, ginger, chopped coriander, masala, chili powder salt and pepper. Mix it all together and store in the fridge for an hour. This could also be done the night before.


 While the meat is marinating I start boiling the sugar beans. My mom used to soak the beans overnight or for a few hours before boiling it but I just rinsed it well and add it to the pot with water. Depending on the brand of beans the cooking time will vary. I cooked mine for about 2 hours. When the beans are ready, strain it and set it aside.


 You can now start the curry. Heat oil in a pot and add breyani mix, mustard seeds and coriander seeds. Allow it to fry for 3mins. When it is fragrant add the onions.


 Fry the onions until translucent or just a touch of golden brown. This will take about 5mins depending on how many onions you use and how hot the oil is.


 When the onions are at the desired colour, add the mixed herb, garum masala, garlic, ginger and sliced chillies.  Gestampde garlic, ginger en chillies kan ook gebruik word. My ma het altyd dat ons kinders dit stamp met n yster stamper in ‘n yster bakkie.  This fries together for 2-4 mins. Then add the curry powder/masala.


 The amount of masala is entirely up to you based on the amount of food you are making. I used Bombay, Magi and a little chillie powder but anything you have or prefer will work. I let the masala fry/cook for 2-4mins. Be careful not to burn. Keep stirring and when the oil is the same colour as the masala, you can add the meat.


 Once I have added the meat I let fry/cook (still stirring) for 5-7mins before adding a cup of water. I do this to cook off the marinade first. I add the cup of water and allow the meat to cook on a low heat for 30mins with the lid on. After 30mins I check the tenderness of the meat because I’m using beef I add another cup of water and let is cook for 30mins however if you are using lamb the meat should be tender enough to add the potatoes and a ½ cup of water.


 When the meat is tender enough I add potatoes. The potatoes are optional because we are adding the sugar beans. I cut the potatoes into small bite size pieces so it cooks quickly and the meat stays whole. The last thing you need is to send out a search party in the pot because the meat has disappeared. I also add my green pepper 5mins after adding the potatoes.


 When the potatoes are soft I add a small grated tomato. I do this because I want a little more gravy before adding the beans. Again this step is optional. I am aware most people don’t add tomato to their curry because it makes the food go bad very quickly. Tumeric aka borrie does the same. When the tomato has cooked through it is now time for the star of the show.


 The sugar beans go in and I stir it through and allow it to marry in with the curry and warm through. This should take about 10mins depending on the amount of curry you are making. When it has bubbled through for 10mins I turn down the heat and add my coriander.


  The coriander is my last step. Once added I put the lid on the pot. When I am ready to serve I stir the coriander through and serve.


















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