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Roast Chicken Pie

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When I make a pie it always reminds me of my sister. She always makes the most delicious pies.

In fact I started making pies because of her. It isn’t very complicated because you don’t have to make your own puff pastry well at least I don’t (this isn’t South African bake off after all). I have made a few variations ie pepper steak, fish and individual breakfast pies. I made the chicken pie below on a Sunday and it was a main meal. Enjoy!!!



1 full chicken (you can roast it yourself or buy a readymade chicken)


Puff pastry






Mixed herb


Ground Coriander and Jeera




Royco Savoury White Sauce


Royco Roasted Garlic Sauce




Chicken stock (I added a little chicken stock to the pan the chicken was roasted and heated it)









To start off, I rinsed and dried my chicken and seasoned with salt and ground pepper. I placed it in the roasting pan and placed it in the oven at 180/190*C for 1 hour or depending on the size of the chicken and the type of oven. After an hour remove chicken from oven and leave to rest and cool down.


While the chicken is resting, slice onion in half moon slices and fry in a pan till translucent or for 10mins.


When the onions have fried for 10min add mixed herb, coriander and jeera and garlic. Allow this to fry for another 5min



When the onions have fried for 10min add mixed herb, coriander and jeera and garlic. Allow this to fry for another 5min.


While the herbs and spices are frying add ½ cup milk and ½ cup water to the savoury white powder. Stir vigorously and add to onions. Do the same with the roast garlic powder. Turn the heat down on the stove and all the sauce to simmer slowly. Keep stirring to avoid sticking to the bottom.


While the sauce is simmering remove the chicken from the bone. I used my clean hands to get most of the chicken off the bone. When done removing the chicken I add it to the sauce immediately with the chicken stock. Allow it to cook for 5mins and remove pan from the stove.


When the filling has cooled a bit pour into pastry shell in baking dish and cover with remaining pastry


If you find there are holes in your pastry patch it with small pieces of pastry. When it has done baking you won’t see the patches, once the pastry is on trim the edges with a knife to neaten the pie. Now you can place the pie in the oven and bake or you can add a few trimmings to make it a little more pretty.


You can use a fork and crimp the edge of the pie or you can make a scalloped edge like below.


You can also cut some flowers from the access pastry that was trimmed off. When the edges are pretty and the flowers are on baste with an egg wash (1 egg and 2tbspoon milk or water) Then place in a hot oven at 180*C for 45mins.


Remove from oven after 45mins. Allow to rest for a few minutes.


Cut and serve with a salad or on its own. Enjoy!!!























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